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AZUR,  AZUR2 & AZUR3 are leading, premier, top-tier stake pools running on Microsoft Azure

Professional Cardano ADA Staking Pools

Official SundaeSwap "scooper" stake pools; Mithril signers; DripDropz Droperator

Build a passive income with Cardano Staking

Are you looking to invest in a growing cryptocurrency that offers an interest mechanism? Staking your Cardano, whose currency is named ADA. Cardano is a fast growing blockchain and cryptocurrency project that has already began to change the world! You can be a part of this success and a part of the future of Cardano, and be rewarded for doing so. The value of ADA has gone up 1350% in 2021 alone and experts agree that it will likely obtain significant value in a few short years. Much like its first (Bitcoin) and second generation (Ethereum) predecessors, the value of Cardano’s third generation technology is greatly anticipated by many in the industry.

How to stake ADA

The process of staking ADA might be intimidating at first, but it is actually fairly simple. Only 4 steps are involved to start earning more Cardano ADA: Buy ADA coins thought a crypto exchange (i.e. Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance or Kraken), install a Wallet (we recommend the official Daedalus or Yoroi), transfer your coins to your wallet, choose a pool (AZUR2 for example) to stake with (deemed “delegating”) and that is it. You are now done and you will receive free coins as you delegate ADA with us! You can follow our ADA Staking Guide for a quick start if you want to learn more. You can also join our Telegram’s Community with hundreds of active users ready to answer all of your questions in real time! We are always available to help if you have any trouble setting up your wallet and delegating your funds.

Buy ADA Coins

Create Your Wallet

Transfer To Wallet

Choose a Pool

Why should You stake cardano with us ?

Staking your ADA coins with our AZUR pools will give you peace of mind! First, we run a solid cloud infrastructure worldwide that is designed according to best practices to minimize failure. Second, we are a team of 5 professionals, with decades of experience in operating complex computer systems (a stake pool runs on a collection of computers), Third, we have one of the largest pledges of over 3.5 million combined ADA coin between our pools. This shows our tremendous commitment and “skin in the game” in Cardano. Finally, we are here to answer all of your questions concerning our pools, Cardano in general, how to stake your coins, rewards, epoch frequency and so much more. We are honest, open, transparent, and responsive to everyone. We are proud to say that our AzureADA community of delegators is growing every day and it is heartwarming to see so many people believing in Cardano. Join us on our Telegram Group and see for yourself! See our Crypto Team and Pool Infrastructure pages for the details. 

Best ADA Stake Pool Performance

CONSISTENTLY ranked in the top 3% of pools (often in the top 10) by multiple ranking systems

Professional Team at Your Service

Network & Web Developers, Microsoft Staff, International Languages Speakers

Large Cardano Pledge

Over 3.5 Million ADA of our own invested in the AzureADA family of pools

Why Do We Use Microsoft Azure for our pools ?

Azure is a cloud computing ecosystem that is extremely fast, reliable, and secure. It is a mature platform and is used by millions of applications worldwide since 2010. Governments, healthcare and financial systems, energy companies and other companies with sensitive security needs rely on it. Feel assured that your crypto staking rewards are protected through leveraging this best-of-breed environment. We currently utilize a dozen servers around the globe, including: East Coast USA, West Coast USA, Central USA, The Netherlands, France, Southeast Asia, Germany and Japan. Azure gives us the flexibility to move resources around the globe in seconds and to quickly create additional infrastructure as we grow.

Enterprise Class Structure

State of the art Cloud Computing by Microsoft

Fully Secure Delegation

Unparalleled Security Intelligence on the world's most security certified public computing cloud

Most Decentralized Crypto

Azure has the biggest, most globally distributed network of data centers in the world

Current proof of staking quality from our pools

We have invested a large amount of money into our stake pools to prove how serious we are about our staking operation. In fact, our pools are in the top 30 highest pledged pools out of over 2,800 pools (1%). The amount of live stake in over 10,000 wallets demonstrates how well our delegators believe in AzureADA Pools. With tens of millions of ADA currently staked with us there is no ignoring this mark of quality! Join us and enjoy reliability and peace of mind while your money is working for you in the best possible stake pool environment. 

Recommended Choice
Azur2 Pool [TICKER: AZUR2]
  • Saturation: 42.67%
  • Total Delegators: 4181
  • Live Stake: 30.13M₳
  • Pledge: 1.50M₳
  • Blocks Lifetime: 5381
  • Cost: 2% + 340₳
    The mandatory fixed 340ADA fee is divided proportionally by all pool delegators resulting in a very small fee.
Azur3 Pool [TICKER: AZUR3]
  • Saturation: 38.51%
  • Total Delegators: 2855
  • Live Stake: 27.19M₳
  • Pledge: 1.00M₳
  • Blocks Lifetime: 4060
  • Cost: 2% + 340₳
    The mandatory fixed 340ADA fee is divided proportionally by all pool delegators resulting in a very small fee.
Azur Pool [TICKER: AZUR]
  • Saturation: 83.73%
  • Total Delegators: 7101
  • Live Stake: 59.12M₳
  • Pledge: 1.00M₳
  • Blocks Lifetime: 11521
  • Cost: 2% + 340₳
    The mandatory fixed 340ADA fee is divided proportionally by all pool delegators resulting in a very small fee.

* Cardano is a Proof of Stake blockchain. Blocks are distributed through a lottery of sorts, or “slottery” as we affectionately call it. LUCK as show in the charts above is basically the number of blocks minted verses the number of expected (most statistically probable) based on the amount of stake. Over time it will rarely be 100% but should be close, as the Cardano protocol often assigns blocks to more than one pool, but only accepts one of them, so the “loser” gets “bad luck”.