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State Of The Art Staking Pools Infrastructure 

We use the Microsoft Azure public cloud for all of our production servers, with “bare metal” servers onsite as backup servers. 

The Azure cloud is the most geographically distributed network, with over 180 datacenters around the globe in around 60 regions. Azure has built in redundancy (power source, Internet connections, power supplies in servers, network equipment, etc.) to insure there are no single points of failure). Each of our virtual machines has a copy in 3 different data centers, so a failure in one will not stop AzureADA pools from minting blocks and earning you rewards. 

All our servers are monitored 24/7/365 to detect and protect and remediate any issues. 


Stake Your Crypto Securely 

Azure has over 100 security compliance certifications… far more than any other public cloud. Some of the most sensitive data on earth, from global governments, healthcare and financial companies, energy producers and other sensitive industries is safely housed and trusted on the Azure cloud. 


Keeping Cardano Network Decentralized

Each AzureADA stake pool server is located in a different region of the world, to minimize impact if there is a large scale geographic event, such as an earthquake, flood, or war.  

Each stake pool has a dedicated block producing server, with a hot standby server ready to take over in the event of an issue.  

We also use five Relay servers in front of the block producers, maintaining an up-to-date copy of the block chain and being reliable partners for the Cardano blockchain community. We advertise two of them publicly, and run the other three on private rings to prevent targeted network attacks from disabling our pools.  

We also have extra test servers we use to refine our automation and security processes, as well as cold standby servers that are turned off, to reduce operation costs and save resources, but that can be turned on in minutes, as we experiment with global placement.


Delegate Your Coins With Peace of Mind 

The net result is a highly connected, secure, and resilient infrastructure that provides an amazingly solid stake pool. AzureADA provides more resiliency than any home-based stake pool could possibly provide, as well as almost every business’s data centers.  

Staking rewards are only paid out when stake pool servers are operating as expected and we’ve taken the steps to insure maximum uptime for maximum profit.  

As you can see, we have a solid solution provided to you for staking your coins with confidence and peace of mind.