ADA Staking Calculator

Cardano Staking Rewards Calculator

This calculator helps you visualize what your Cardano ADA investment could look like over a period of time. By entering your info in the fields below, the calculator will display live projections of your earned coins and as well the dollar value.

This is a great tool to see what staking Cardano could do for you! With Cardano staking, interest is paid every 5 days (an “epoch”) and the calculator uses compound interest to account for that. The tool allow you to estimate the future prices over a maximum period of 20 years. Nobody can tell you for sure what the value will be in X years but we are confident, it will go up, much higher! Use the values you feel comfortable with to run different “what if” scenarios. 

Investment Setup

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ADA Price Estimation Per Years

The graphics below are generated in real time by the information you are providing. Click or Touch the Graphics to see the details.

Estimating the future price of ADA isn’t something easy to do. We do get a few clues here and there, like the incoming news and Cardano development calendar. We use this information to estimate the best we can. This is, however, “best effort” and is not certain. It could definitely go higher or it could also go down. This calculator should not be taken as an indicator of what WILL happen, only what COULD happen. Edit the ADA price per year according to your comfort level so that you can provide your own estimations to the calculator.

How to use the staking calculator

To use the calculator, specify how many dollars you wish to invest (Field: USD Investment) and at which price (Field: ADA Price). This will calculate the ADA amount you will receive for the initial investment.

You can also reverse the logic and target an amount of ADA instead. Specify the amount of ADA coins you would like to receive by using (Field: ADA Amount) and the calculator will automatically convert the cost in dollars at the giving ADA price (Field: ADA Price).

If you wish to do monthly investments, you can use the (Field: USD Monthly Investment) and the calculator will calculate purchasing more ADA each month with auto re-staking which is a built in function with staking ADA. The calculator will do the math the same way as it does in reality.

You can change the ROS (Return on Stake) Reward Rate by using (Field: ROS Reward Rate). The actual ROS Reward Rate is not fixed; some Epoch’s (there are 6 five day epochs per month approximately) results are better than others. This is due to parameters in the way Cardano setup the staking system. The ROS Reward Rate initially ranged from 4.2% to 5.8%, but due to Cardano monetary policy, the rate drops slightly every epoch to encourage early adopter stake holders. Therefore we use an average annual percentage to get as close as possible to a realistic result.

The vision of Cardano is to revolutionize the world banking and data exchange systems and as such, staking ADA will become mostly profitable as a long term investment. This tool will allow you to estimate what the price could be in 20 years, year by year.

You will receive your interests every 5 days (epoch), the calculator automatically recalculate your new staked amount in the form of : Total Coins + Added Rewards = New Rewards

Interests add up to your holding amount and the next rewards are calculated with your previous balance including the rewards collected.


Build a passive income with Cardano staking

Are you looking to invest in a growing cryptocurrency that offers an interest mechanism? Staking your Cardano, whose currency is named ADA. Cardano is a fast growing blockchain and cryptocurrency project that has already began to change the world! You can be a part of this success and a part of the future of Cardano, and be rewarded for doing so. The value of ADA has gone up 1350% in 2021 alone and experts agree that it will likely obtain significant value in a few short years. Much like its first (Bitcoin) and second generation (Ethereum) predecessors, the value of Cardano’s third generation technology is greatly anticipated by many in the industry.

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