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Forward to a Greener Future: AzureAda & Aptera

Cardano: An Efficient Foundation

One of the key advantages of Cardano is that it was developed from the ground up with efficiency in mind. At heart of Cardano lies the novel Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. The Ouroboros PoS makes Cardano a green energy consumer, sustainable, and the most provably secure blockchain in the world.

While we at AzureAda strongly believe in the power of crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies to improve society by decentralizing and democratizing financial transactions in a more equitable fashion, in order for us to create a more sustainable future, we also feel that it is important to support likeminded companies in other industries as well.   

Aptera: The Cardano of Cars

One such company, in the area of transportation, is Aptera. Similar to Cardano, Aptera is truly unique in the electric vehicle industry due in part to its focus on efficiency and rigorous engineering principals. While we are generally supportive of all EV companies as a necessary step to more sustainable future, Aptera stands out from among the rest with its unique focus on efficiency. Admittedly, there are many engineering factors that can affect a vehicles overall efficiency, however weight and drag coefficient (Cd) are two of the most important.

The table below compares Aptera to similar configurations of another efficient EV. Pay close attention to effect of weight and Cd on range and price for similar battery pack sizes.

NameWeight (lbs.)CdBatteryRange (miles)Price
Aptera 100 kWh2,2000.13100 kWh~ 1,000$ 45 K
Model 3 Long Range4,0000.23  82 kWh353$ 50 k
Aptera 60 kWh2,0000.13 60 kWh~ 600$ 35 k
Model 3 Standard Range3,6000.2354 kWh262$ 43 k

The chart above indicates that Aptera’s reduction of weight and drag coefficient by approximately 50% yields about a 100% increase in range efficiency. Another, interesting result of the focus on efficiency, along with careful design and engineering, is cost reduction. This is because lowering weight can also result fewer components and less manufacturing complexity all of which have the effect of reducing cost while simultaneously maintaining or even increasing quality (fewer parts that can break).

We at AzureAda have invested a portion of the our Stake Pool proceeds in Aptera and would ask that you consider contributing to Aptera as well either by making a reservation or by investing directly.  

In the future be on the lookout for the AzureAda Aptera 😊

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