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AzureADA Stake Pools Boosted: Microsoft Adds New Azure Datacenters Worldwide.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing is Growing Again

Microsoft Corp has been announcing the rollout of new Azure regions over the past few months. As of writing this article, Azure had a total of 74 regions worldwide, and officials at Microsoft Azure had hinted at rolling out of new regions before the end of 2021. According to the company, they aim to bring local cloud services to more countries across the world.

Among the newest regions announced so far include Indonesia, Mexico Central, Arizona, Malaysia, and Israel Central. With the rate at which new Azure regions are being rolled out, especially in major Azure geographies, we expect the cloud platform to cover more regions before the end of the year.

With most of these regions having 3 data centers, each has over 30 miles apart, it simply translates into over 200 data centers and Availability Zones worldwide, making Azure one of the largest public cloud computing platforms.

The range of cloud-based services and the demand for its cloud infrastructure are factors necessitating the development of new regions. Azure offers 4 different types of cloud computing services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Serverless. It’s this range that’s making the platform one of the most reliable cloud providers in terms of service variety.

With Microsoft Azure, you can get an almost limitless range of cloud products and services, including computing, large data storage capacity, security, analytics, media, content delivery network, networking, software development kits for almost all languages and so on. There are many Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 and probably Fortune 10 companies, including global national and regional governments. Financial industries trust Azure enough to house their financial data on it and healthcare systems have life-saving critical medical equipment that runs on the Azure cloud.

Great News For Our Cardano Stake Pools!

Almost all industries can benefit from Azure infrastructure. But perhaps among the industries benefiting immensely from Azure cloud-based services are the crypto stake pools. Staking crypto coins is rapidly growing with the popularity of the proof of stake (PoS) blockchain platforms. A good number of crypto stake pools, such as AzureADA, use Microsoft Azure infrastructure because of the security, resiliency (there are redundant Internet connections, power, hardware and other systems to remain working 24/7/365) and other advantages withis cloud platform offers.

Microsoft Azure platform’s security remains THE BEST, having the most security certifications prove it. Did you know that Azure has received a total of 100 security certifications? Well, it not only shows the integrity of the platform’s security but also makes it is the most certified secure clouds by far.

With the recent developments, the Azure platform now dwarfs most of its competition, including Amazon, Google, ASW, Horeku, Digital Ocean, and other cloud platforms, in a number of ways. One of them is global coverage and resulting decentralization.

Many people across the world will now access Azure cloud services as their cloud platform of choice. This obviously is because of the increased regions, data centers, and availability zones.

Azure infrastructure backup and data recovery enable users to backup data in almost any language. Whether you would like to backup data daily, weekly, or monthly, Azure’s system offers you all the flexibility you need. If you are looking for a tape backup, Azure site recovery has got you covered. These are just some of the features that make Azure stand out in the cloud market.

As mentioned above, the cryptocurrency industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. More and more stake pools are now supported by the Azure platform mainly because of higher security to investor assets and excellent performance. In case of a data loss, Azure’s powerful backup and disaster recovery system has your data backup in multiple areas, including physical tapes. A stake pool using such a resilient and performant platform can prevent outages that can (and have on more than one occasion) cripple stake pools that are home-based, or housed in a corporate datacenter.

If you are trading Cardano coins, you can stake ADA with AzureADA – one of the best ADA stake pools today. It is one of the ADA stake pools running on Azure infrastructure. AzureADA pool has been around since the test network before the main net launch and is one top-ranking ADA stake pools on the Cardano network.

Environmental Friendly Crypto Currency is the Future

With the growing demand for green crypto, also referred to as zero carbon crypto, Azure is the perfect platform for this growing demand, starting years ago to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Microsoft Corp is working towards a carbon-neutral platform by 2025 and be carbon negative by 2030. Therefore, for eco-conscious crypto investors, staking with AzureADA or other Azure-based stake pools is one way to trade zero pollution crypto and make the planet better for all.

Microsoft Corp has plans to have Azure data centers in every country worldwide. Therefore, we expect more rollouts of new regions in the coming days.

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