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SundaeSwap Token Price and other Common Questions Answered

We have been responding to lots of questions regarding the SundaeSwap ISO.  Our stake pool, AzureADA has been chosen to by SundaeSwap to reward our delegators with these tokens, feel free to stake with us!  Tickers:  AZUR, AZUR2, AZUR3.

What will the price of the SundaeSwap coin be?

The official response from Sundae Swap is: “The initial price of the token is not determined yet – the SundaeSwap team will not be setting the price.”  A likely scenario is, after the main net launch, the market will determine the price based on the supply and demand of the token on the open markets.

How many tokens will I earn?

SundaeSwap is not publishing the formula used to calculate awarded Sundae tokens until after the ISO is over. It’s proportional to ada held but not linear… In other words, diminishing returns as wallet size grows.

When will the ISO tokens start flowing from Sundae Swap?

The test net is launching December 5th, 2021.  No one knows exactly how long it will last.  The main net will go live and the tokens will start to be rewarded.  All I want for Christmas is Sundae Swap live on main net!!

How do I earn Sundaes tokens?

There are three ways:  ISO, Swapping on the protocol or some other exchange, and providing liquidity to the protocol. But you only have to worry about the ISO for now!  The rest will come later when the DEX is live. Earn those free ISO tokens by delegating to the correct stake pool!

What is the Sundae Swap coin market cap?

2 Billion Sundae tokens will be minted at the inception of the DEX and will become available slowly over a period of time as the protocol matures. 5% of the total supply distributed to Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO) participants.

How long will the Sundae Swap ISO last?

The SundaeSwap ISO will last for 25 days, over 5 epochs.  Feel free to contact us on Telegram or Twitter with questions.  Our website also has a special area with more answers about the Sundae Swap ISO

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