Cardano Memes

Memes Disclaimer


Feel free to share the memes anywhere you like! You can download the images and share them on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you want! Even on your blog or your Instagram, A-NY-WHERE! πŸ™‚

Spread the love of Cardano and our staking pools. Show them what it can do for them like it does to you.

If you believe in Cardano like we do, it is a good opportunity to bring in more people with fun materials.

Win some ADA Coins !

Are you a Graphic Designer with great skills and ideas? Could you design memes featuring If so, we might use your work in exchange for some free ADA Coins! That’s right! Free ADA transferred to your wallet. Here the guidelines :


– You need to develop a great idea, funny or mind blowing.

– Design it, no Memes app generator

– You cannot use copyrighted materials without a valid license allowing commercial uses.

– You need to respect the size format of 500×500 pixels.

– You will include and our logo (Logo is optional).


If your work respect all the rules and is appreciated by the community, we will send you some free coins to thanks you for your creativity.

You can contact us here

Just a side note about the Cardano Memes

Cardano is a very serious project and it could change our lives forever in a not so distant future. Serious project, indeed! However, it doesn’t hurt to use a few memes and funny pictures to let everyone know about Cardano and what staking can accomplish for everyone.

Right? πŸ™‚ Don’t hesitate to share the memes on your social accounts or literally anywhere you want. The more people that join us, the brighter the future of Cardano will be! Let’s all be part of the incoming future! Time is ticking ladies and gentlemen.Β 

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