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Thank you for considering staking your investment with us!

Find out why we are an excellent choice to help you with your investment in Cardano. Our team is passionate and dedicated to provide you the best staking experience possible. Everyone in the team is an expert at what he or she is doing. From technical to marketing to security, we cover the entire scope to bring you a safe and reliable solution for your investment.

As stated elsewhere, AzureADA is NOT affiliated with Microsoft. While our team is mostly comprised of current and former Microsoft employees and we love the Microsoft Azure public cloud and are firm believers in its superior performance, we are a team of individuals and do not represent Microsoft in any official capacity. 

Ryan, AzureADA


Co-Founder, Team Lead, Business Development, Marketing

Eric AzureADA


Co-Founder, Infrastructure, Operations, Security, Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Architect

Rochelle - AzureADA Team


Strategy & Business Intelligence, Microsoft Azure Program Manager and Software Developer

Teran AzureADA


Operations, Development, Microsoft Azure Developer, Identity Protection



Enterprise Outreach, Plutus Pioneer, former Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect & Data Scientist

A special message from Ryan, the visionary and Cardano FanBoy !

I first got into Cryptocurrency in May 2017.  Besides buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other coins, I fell in love with Cardano in 2018 and it has ruined me for nearly every other project!  It’s hard not to be an Ada maximalist or fanboy!!

I first approached Eric about running a Cardano stake pool before the ITN launch in December, one of my best decisions!  As co-founder, I focus on business development and marketing.  My passion for Cardano and AzureADA stake pool consumes much of my time strategizing and implementing ways we can be the best stake pool

I enjoy spending time with my wife and 4 kids hiking, boating, river rafting, dirt biking, travel, and quite a few other activities.  Fun fact-I was an exchange student in New Zealand at age 16 and was obsessed with Rugby.

A special message from Eric, the stake pool guru !

I’m the primary technical guru behind setting up and maintaining the ADA stake pool servers. I’ve been in the IT industry since 1996 and have experience running 24×7 operations in a couple of different industries, so this is very much in my wheelhouse. But like anything in the ever-evolving technology landscape, there have been some fun lessons learned and new skills developed. I’ve been able to leverage my industry experience and certification on Microsoft Azure, to build a stake pool infrastructure that is among the best out there, and certainly one in a class above most of the other pools.

Ryan, my brother-in-law tried to get me to bite on Cardano in 2017 or 2018, but it wasn’t until I learned that IOHK/Cardano Foundation/Emurgo had over 200 people working on the project (this is before it was even in test net) and all of the technology had been peer reviewed by experts in cryptography, mathematics and computer science that my interest was really piqued. With decades in IT I’d seen many companies come and go during the “dot com bubble”.

I’d witnessed a few smart people in a garage launch a great idea only to die, dozens of times, so with so much people power and research behind it, I felt reasonably confident that Cardano would be successful and their long-term vision and goals to enable everyone in the globe was really inspiring.

When I’m not running one of the world’s best Cardano stake pools, I enjoy mountain biking, dirt biking, white water rafting, camping, many other things outdoors and an occasional video game and reading sci fi and fantasy.

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