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Small fee change on AZUR3 to 1%

Hello Everyone,

Our team has been discussing the AZUR3 0% fee for a couple of months now. We set it at 0% to attract more stake, with the intention to set it to 2% to match the other two pools once it reached 5 million in stake, as that’s about the point where the 340 ADA fee stops being a penalty to small pools.

AZUR3 is now at 24.5 million, which is 30% saturation.

With SundaeSwap on the horizon our workload has increased and we put the decision on the back burner. We were hoping to do the fee raise after the ISO, but as you know this has been delayed (it was supposed to be November, then December and now likely January).

As a result, we’ve decided to compromise and set the variable fee to 1% beginning next epoch, with a final raise to 2% coming sometime later. AZUR3 ranks in the top 2% in adapools and is a great choice of a pool by any measure. We know some of you will be disappointed with this decision and we hope everyone will stay, but feel that a 2% fee is modest and inline with the top performing pools (some of which have >2%), An initial 1% fee is a step toward that ultimate state and is the middle ground between 0% and 2%. Thank you all to all of our supporters.

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