Win NFTs with us

Game Introduction

AzureADA is proud to introduce Hide and Seek Games, which allow you to win exclusive Azur0’s NFTs

If a lot of people participate you can expect more games to come and more and NFTs to win. For this to happen, we call on you to share the game with all your friends. Share it on Facebook or Twitter. We thank you in Advance!

How to play?

We will hide an NFT or more somewhere on a page within one of our sites ( / / ), It could be anywhere, on any of the pages.

To help you find it, we will post a clue every X days, until someone discovers the NFT. You will be able to see the latest clues on the Game Series Page. We will also post a reminder on the Telegram Group that a new clue has been posted.

Typically you will have to click (maybe more than once) something… text, an image, or do something to activate it. You will know you have won because you will receive a special code displayed on the page like a popup. It will be very obvious.

To become the official winner, you will have to be the first person to post the code on the Telegram group ( Once you do so, we will contact you in private to get your wallet address and then send you the NFT.

Warning: Do not provide any other information to us (or anyone else). We will only need a wallet address, not wallet recovery keys. Always be aware of scammers and never reveal those keys!

Who can Help?

Anyone can play the game and win NFTs including AzureADA Stakers, other pools stakers, people not into Cardano and even people not into crypto at all. Anyone can play and win!
Just be ready with a Cardano Wallet to collect your NFT if you happen to win.


You will need a Cardano wallet such as Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, etc. to receive the NFTs if you win the game.

Exchange addresses (Binance, Coinbase, etc.) WON’T work!

It must be your own wallet address! Use an exchange address and the NFT will be lost forever.

Remember to sign up to our Telegram channel ( and post the code to prove that you found the hidden NFT and claim victory.

List of Game(s)

Game 1 : Hide & Seek "かくれんぼ" (Closed)


  • We have a Winner! 🙂 (3/4/2022)


  1. Almost in! (3/1/2022)
  2. SXQgaXMgaGlkZGVuIG9uIGF6dXJlYWRhLmNvbSwgeXVwIHRoYXQncyByaWdodCwgc29tZXdoZXJlIG9uIGF6dXJlYWRhLmNvbSAhIDsp (3/2/2022)
  3. You don’t really need to be a champion to win but here : some practice !!!!!

Some explanations :

  1. Almost in! => Almost in the car!
  2. Hidden message in a Base64 format. decode gives : It is hidden on, yup that’s right, somewhere on ! 😉
  3. To activate the win, you had to fast click 5 times on the element.

See by yourself, the hidden NFT was on :

Fast click the NFT BOTSPEED picture and boom! 🙂


Game 2 : Coming Soon!

A new game will start in a few days! 😉

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